Fun Fact #6


Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words!

Why is the fear of long words such a long word? Well, it is often considered a jocular or fictional phobia, despite the fact that sufferers are claimed to exist, and the word was thus intended to be extremely long, almost jokingly.

It comes from hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian (of or relating to extremely long words), which is an extension of sesquipedalian (of or relating to long words) with monstrum (“monster”) and a truncated, misspelled form of hippopotamus (intended to exaggerate the length of the word itself and the idea of the size of the words being feared), +‎ -phobia

It is unlikely to be used solely for its meaning; consider instead “sesquipedalophobia” or simply “the fear of long words."

Written by Ava Hill 

Fun Fact #5

When it comes to the weather, we are practically dripping with factoids about rain!!

If you folks think the grass looks greener after it rains -- by gosh it sure does!! Raindrops have dissolved nitrogen in them from the air. This acts as a natural fertilizer to the grass, making it actually appear greener!

That pitter-patter sound of rain on the ground comes from the air bubbles wavering underwater!

Ever wondered how much rain weighs? Well it's pretty darn heavy. An inch of rain on one acre of land weighs around 226 pounds. Every minute, around one billion tons of rain fall on the Earth. Quite a heavy downpour, I'd say.

There's nothing better than the smell after it rains. It's actually called "Petrichor," and it's happens when rain falls on dry soil, usually after long period of warm, dry weather.

Check out this video of our pal Crusoe having a fun splash in the rain:

Fun Fact #4

Bet y'all didn't know this crazy story about the SAT!!!

Back in the day, the SAT used to stand for Scholastic Aptitude Test. However, this all changed when some folks were angry about the word "aptitude," as it was controversial.

The name of the SAT was then changed to the Scholastic Assessment Test. But wait ... isn't that a little redundant?? An assessment IS a test! (They probably should have read little more in the English section of the SAT prep book before they changed the name!) 

When College Board realized this, they decided to just simply call it "the SAT," which doesn't stand for anything nowadays!!!

Here's a great video of how to best prepare for the SAT:

Fun Fact #3

This time around we really put on our thinking caps and found we were brimming with factoids about hats!

Some folks might want to know that there are one hundred pleats on a chef's hat! Each pleat symbolizes a different method of preparing eggs!!

Other folks say the phrase, "mad as a hatter," without knowing that back in the day, exposure from the felt-making process would drive some hatters into madness!

There are over 294 different types of hats out there in this wild and wonderful world we live in!!

Check out these videos of yet another way that hats can come in handy:





Fun Fact #2

Lag Mag presents to you some pretty radical ice cream factoids:

It takes roughly 50 licks to finish an ice cream cone. 

Brain freeze happens when ice cream touches the roof of your mouth. 

Ever wondered how many folks share ice cream with their pets? The answer is 1 in 5 people!

John Harrison is a famous ice cream taste tester who insured his tongue for one million dollars! Here is a video of our pal John in the middle of his very intricate taste-testing process: