Fun Fact #5

When it comes to the weather, we are practically dripping with factoids about rain!!

If you folks think the grass looks greener after it rains -- by gosh it sure does!! Raindrops have dissolved nitrogen in them from the air. This acts as a natural fertilizer to the grass, making it actually appear greener!

That pitter-patter sound of rain on the ground comes from the air bubbles wavering underwater!

Ever wondered how much rain weighs? Well it's pretty darn heavy. An inch of rain on one acre of land weighs around 226 pounds. Every minute, around one billion tons of rain fall on the Earth. Quite a heavy downpour, I'd say.

There's nothing better than the smell after it rains. It's actually called "Petrichor," and it's happens when rain falls on dry soil, usually after long period of warm, dry weather.

Check out this video of our pal Crusoe having a fun splash in the rain: