Alison and Clare @ Urban Gypsies

by Caroline Xia

Meet Alison and Clare -

These girls of LaGuardia/s Class of 2016 run a fashion blog together. Alison is an art major, and Clare is in the drama department. See their blog here:

Meet the bloggers: Alison and Clare

Meet the bloggers: Alison and Clare

Q: What made you guys decide to start a blog together?

C: Well, when we first started the blog, we weren’t that good of friends. So I guess we started it ‘cause we both really liked clothes and were in a couple of classes together.

A: I remember when we were in gym and we were like “Ooooh, we should start a blog together!”

C: So, then it kind of gained momentum as we realized it was a serious thing and people enjoyed it and we liked doing it.


Q: Where do you draw inspiration for your blog posts?

C: We occasionally do people who we don’t know, even if we’re not a huge fan of the style. We’ll take pictures of people who are just really different and take huge leaps in what they wear. You see them and you just appreciate them greatly for what they’re doing.

Most inspiration is from when we really want to go to a place, like our city hall post and we just wanted to see the abandoned city hall station.


Q: Where do you find the clothes you use in the blog?

A & C: Thrift stores.

A: Goodwill, Salvation Army

C: Goodwill outlet in Queens Plaza is the best, go there.


Q: Is it difficult to find time for the blog with a busy academic schedule?

C: We have been doing less and less because there’s been more going on. And it doesn’t help that we don’t have any classes together this year. Last year we had free period, gym, and lunch and it was so easy to take pictures but now we have to make more time in our schedules for the blog.


Q: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers or icons?

C: Tavi Gevinson, she’s a princess. She’s a style rookie and she’s a blogger who started a blog when she was about 13.

Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson

A: Do you ever watch that show “My So-Called Life”? That girl, Rayanne Graff? She’s so coooool! Oh my god, she’s my style icon. And there’s also a bunch of people from school.

Rayanne Graff

Rayanne Graff

C: Yeah like we’ll see them and want to photograph them but then we don’t because we’re too afraid that they’ll think we’ll crazy if we’re like “We’re kind of madly in love with you, can we photograph you any time soon?”

Oh and Petra Collins, of course. Petra is so beautiful and so stylish and she looks like she stepped out of a time machine, all the time.

Also, I really like Patty Harrison, George Harrison’s first wife. Both of them together, if I could be two people in a marriage, I’d be them.

The Harrisons

The Harrisons

Q: What is your favorite part about running a blog together?

A: The reaction from people when we tell them that we have a website and they’re like “Woah, really?!”

C: I like that people like us, like it sounds really conceited like the fact that we’re doing this interview because people like our blog is a really good feeling. When we heard you guys wanted to interview us, we were so excited. Like that’s crazy that people want to interview us because we’re just taking pictures of ourselves, it’s a really ridiculous concept!

A & C: The photo shoots are always really fun too.


Q: What advice would you give other people hoping to start a fashion blog?

A: I know it sounds kind of weird at first but just do it!

C: Don’t think that since you’re just a high school kid that you can’t do it. We just get to hang out and have fun and put stuff up on the internet. Don’t change your style just because of what other people do. The whole point of style is just to express yourself. We did that for a while when I kept my hair long because I thought people don’t like short hair, but I wanted short hair so I did it and Alison did the same thing. Don’t think because other people won’t like it, you can’t do it, because if you look good and you feel confident in what you’re wearing, then other people will see it and appreciate it.

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