Student Art Show Fall 2017 By Elena Giardina

In any high school, there are millions of words spoken by teachers, staff, and students every day. However, in an arts school such as this one, there are even greater numbers of words understood, yet not all of them are spoken. Most have heard the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but it is better understood after seeing such a spirited display of artwork such as this one. LaGuardia’s first student art show of the 2017-2018 school year was recently held in the second-floor art gallery room, and this art show proved this proverb true a thousand times over.

The gallery was open from November 3rd through November 17th. Opening night was an evening to celebrate the accomplishments of the students that contributed and helped out. I walked in to find a brightly lit room with several walls filled with a variety of eye-catching pieces either mounted or on canvas. There were also glass-enclosed sculptures, models, and photography and print series. In the middle, there was a table with stacked sketchbooks submitted by multiple art students- each one unique with its own distinct style. Around the sketchbook setup, there were a few "art walls" where spectators could channel their own creativity and draw over pinned up newsprint. The lively jazz music flowed out of the doors of the art gallery and into the second-floor hallways, inviting students and their families into the happy space for imagination.

By flipping through the sketchbooks and art journals, one could really see the different approach the artists took with every page. Each book had a distinct style- something so very special about it that made it different from the rest. There were smaller sketchbooks consisting only of black ink; larger, brighter ones with vibrant colors in marker and pencil; and some that were so real and lived in with scraps of everyday life crammed into the pages. The sketchbooks made it possible for the spectators to have some insight into the artist and their experiences and allowed the artists to create an individual style for themselves.

One can tell with just a glance how much effort goes into every composition and sketchbook that is presented. With pieces ranging from collages to watercolor paintings to graphite sketches to fashion designs in marker, the gallery is so diverse and so are the featured artists. No sketch or painting was the same and each one was exceptional. Below are a few pieces featured in the art show.

Godfrey Gu
For this piece, Godfrey used charcoal. His favorite aspect of the student art show is seeing the amount of talent that is shown.
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.30.12 PM.png
Abigail Olson
Abigail’s beautiful painting was done in oil paints. She enjoys painting with oils, as they have a fluid consistency that she finds easy to work with.
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.32.43 PM.png
Ophelia Tucker
This dreamy landscape by Ophelia Tucker was done in acrylic paints.
Nicole Entin
For this fashion design, Nicole used Copic markers. This is a drawing of fashion blogger, Amy Roiland.  After Nicole posted a picture of her piece on social media, Roiland reposted it, spreading Nicole’s artwork to thousands of her fans and supporters!

One of the coolest things about the LaGuardia art shows is the inspiration others could get from going. At this past show, there were countless collages and paintings that evoked different emotions and made people feel. These sentiments and connotations are inspiring to students thinking about submitting their work for the next art show or for students who just feel the need to create from their hearts. Contributors are benefiting themselves by putting their art on display and making themselves known, and they are also benefiting the students who have not yet found their voice through visual arts. With their zestful art walls, the students are encouraging others to create just as they did. Every person who walked through the gallery was able to leave their mark and draw on the newspaper sheets with colorful pastels. By the time the art show came to a close the walls were filled up with amusing doodles of all kinds. Some left their mark by simply writing their name and others drew little characters and scenes. With just something so simple and fun like the art walls, the gallery curators were able to make the show a place for students of every major to come and express themselves and take part in the art department’s celebration of creativity.

Art Walls 

Each student has created with a purpose and has spoken through their artwork. These artists should be admired and looked up to. Not only do they create work that speaks to people on an advanced and personal level, they create work that means something special to them and put it out there for the entire student body to see. It takes a lot for someone to create something so personal and share it with the world. The LaGuardia art students give so much of themselves during the galleries and art presentations, and everyone should be supporting them in their artistic journey.