Phony Ppl

Artist Review

by Cydnii Jones

One of my all time favorite bands is Phony Ppl. No, that's not a typo. Phony Ppl is a collective of musicians, vocalists, and rappers from Brooklyn whose unique blend of Hip hop, R&B, and funk is not dissimilar to the Roots. On their sophomore album Phonyland (my personal favorite), it's not uncommon to hear a melodic saxophone solo or a deep, funky baseline. All members of the band are young, just getting into their twenties, but their music hints at sound that this generation hasn't heard in years. One should also look into the solo projects of their main vocalist and producer Elbee Thrie (53,000) and rapper Dyme a Duzin (A Portrait of Donnovan). I hear they've just been signed so look out for them on the mainstream circuit.

Here’s their website