The Jacobins

Artist Review | LaGuardia (alumni) Band

by Charlotte Force

When I was a freshman LaGuardia, I saw a photo in a Senior Art Show of a band practicing in a basement captioned “The Jacobins”. As it turned out, their guitarist was in my gym class. This LaGuardia based, class of ‘14 band is a truly class act. Their EP Everlasting Light and other works (a two-song mini-album named “Running Into Circles” and a single “Floating on a Dream”) are my mix-tape staples, and always a good listen. They came out with their first full-length album, “Made to Decay”, on March 30, 2014  (I may or may not have had it on repeat ever since?) Every song has its own character, which is (in my own experience), a rarity to find in a debut album, and the balance between the vocals and instrumental is refreshing in its fluidity.

Check out their music here: