"She's Being Polite" - Palm Pilot

Song Review

By Charlotte Force

There’s a new tune coming your way from the rockin’ band Palm Pilot today: the new single “She’s Being Polite”. If I could choose one word to describe this song, I’d go with ‘relatable’. A composition of poetic lyrics line the thumping beat and slamming guitar.

It seems like every conversation you have sputters out like static television”

It won’t make sense to you now
Maybe when you’re older”

“She’s just too polite to kindly ask you to please go away”

I’d be interested to hear a single person say they can’t relate to these lyrics, which is all I ask for in a song. The music, of course, is slam-dunk as well. It’s almost ironically peppy, but the highs and lows effectively paint the picture of the every-man’s awkwardness that comes with a situation in which someone’s “just being polite”.

Those credited in the recording are Palm Pilot’s own Aiden Berglund, Rain Johannes, and Levi O’Brien, with thanks given to Gary Forgel, Ilan Natter, and Joe Ippolito. These lads have collaborated on an incredible song – listen to it live at Blue and Lucky on April 17, and here on Palm Pilot’s bandcamp,