"Sweet Thing" - Palm Pilot

Song Review

by Charlotte Force

Spring is falling down in raindrops, daffodils, and a new single from Palm Pilot called “Sweet Thing”. The song features an upbeat guitar track and exciting rhythm reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, with a melancholy lemon twist. Sweet Thing is the first song released from Palm Pilot’s album, and given its flavor the album should be a fantastic soundtrack for the upcoming summer.

In this tune you’ll find the same thoughtful lyricism as in Palm Pilot’s first single, “She’s Being Polite”. It revisits that distinctly teenage-tinted romantic angst, but this time, the lyrics are more hopeful. In line with the decidedly buoyant tune, the words call out:

“I picked up my chin, started over again,”

“Sweet thing my heart beats for you now, speak to me, I'll say truly, you're the one I want,”

The song weaves in and out of a staccato medley of drum tapping and string plucking, with a calmer bridge of harmonies. Perfect for a day of stomping around park paths and city streets, Sweet Thing is the next download for those ready to celebrate spring.

The song was composed by Aiden Berglund, performed by the members of Palm Pilot, and mixed by Steve Holloway, a versatile artist whose career is threaded through celtic, pop, and jazz music.