Blue Madonna by Lucas Larson

Garrett Borns, better known as BØRNS, first emerged in 2014 with his debut
single “10,000 Emerald Pools”, a glistening pop song about fantasy love. His follow-up,
“Electric Love”, captivated critics and fans alike, even receiving praise from Taylor Swift
who called it, “An instant classic.” Now with a debut album and sold out tour under his
belt, BØRNS returns with his sophomore effort, “Blue Madonna”, whose title draws

inspiration from Renaissance art which largely inspired the record. “There was an Italian
painter Carlo Dolci who did all these portraits where the subjects were all looking out,
and off into the distance. They had this glow on their faces and this fear in their eyes,
and I found that interesting”, said BØRNS in his recent interview with Buzzbands LA.
On “Blue Madonna”, BØRNS explores this melancholy theme, singing about the
loss of innocence and natural growth that often occurs during adulthood. In the single,
“God Save Our Young Blood”, a collaboration with singer Lana Del Rey, BØRNS yearns
for a savior. “Faded Heart” and “I Don’t Want U Back” delve into the rocky sides of a
romantic relationship, while “Supernatural” suggests foreboding optimism with lyrics like,
“Is it us or is it supernatural? / Sometimes we fall so fast it’s hard to tell / Is it love or is it
simply something else? / Sometimes I think I’m caught under a spell”. Coupled with the
dreamy, psychedelic pop sound that fueled much of his debut, “Blue Madonna” is an
eclectic bundle of 60s, 70s, and 80s sounds, all the while feeling cohesive, largely due
to BØRNS’ decision to work solely with Thomas Schleiter (“Tommy English”) as
BØRNS shines on “Blue Madonna”, pairing his unique vocals with lush, spacey
production and melodic hooks that hide even the weakest of lyrical moments. With “Blue
Madonna”, BØRNS solidifies his position as an alt-pop heavyweight and proves that he
is here to stay.