Kore: The Maiden Persephone

Art Direction and Text: Leah Levine 

Photography: Zayira Ray 

Modeling: Noël Masal 


The narcissus, which Earth made to grow at the will of Zeus and to please the Host of Many, to be a snare for the bloom-like girl — a marvellous, radiant flower. It was a thing of awe whether for deathless gods or mortal men to see: from its root grew a hundred blooms and it smelled most sweetly, so that all wide heaven above and the whole earth and the sea's salt swell laughed for joy. And the girl was amazed and reached out with both hands to take the lovely toy.


And he took me down beneath the depths of the earth


But Hades gave her, stealthily, the honey-sweet berry of the pomegranate to eat, peering around him.


He did not want her to stay for all time over there, at the side of her honorable mother, the one with the dark robe.


But he secretly put in my mouth sweet food, a pomegranate seed, and forced me to taste against my will.