Lucid Dreams

playlist by Matthew Crisson

You are laying in bed in the midst of an unforgiving darkness. At some point, you closed your eyes, though you are not quite sure when. Suddenly, you blink the sleep from your eyes and they narrow as the darkness becomes the most familiar scenery to you. You know your room, your house, your town, neighborhood, and city. It all reveals itself to you, and you know exactly why as you turn around and look back at yourself, swaddled in warm mist and protected by the veil of slumber. For it is when we dance upon the brink of unconsciousness that we become the most awake.

Dreaming - Rerecorded 2014 Version by Blondie

        Album: Blondie 4(0) Ever

Failsafe by The New Pornographers 

        Album: Challengers

Chloroform by Phoenix

        Album: Bankrupt!

Waves by Electric Guest

        Album: Mondo

Gold by Marina and The Diamonds

        Album: FROOT

Sleep Alone by Two Door Cinema Club

        Album: Beacon

Blue Lips by Regina Spektor

        Album: Far

Fire Water by Gina Chavez

        Album: Up.Rooted

Afterglow by Wilkinson

        Album: Afterglow (single)

Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

        Album: Give Up