An Old Young Woman Thinks About Time by Maxx Carr

I forget that we’re young
That everything before us we haven’t touched
That the future isn’t over for us

The news makes me forget
We all have to look so old
And so brave
To be heard by those whose time
Is ticking

My reflection makes me forget
I feel the lines on my face
But I don’t see them
I can feel the gray hair
But I don’t see it
I had to grow up before I got old
And now I see that I have time
What am I supposed to do now?

I get mad
When you act so young
But you’re not old
And neither am I 
You’ve always been better at acting your age
I’ve been better at acting at what I needed to be
Or what I thought I did
I can’t get angry
Because I had to grow up too soon

I ask about the future 
As if it’ll ease my angst
It gives me something to think about
Because I’ve over analyzed the present
But the future won’t get any easier
My hope is that it won’t get any worse

Youth wasn’t the easy part
It was the familiar part
That made the rough part a tad smoother

I’m about to 
No longer be 

And I guess I’m holding onto it for as long as I can
Because I never got to before

When You Don't Know How to Speak, Listen by Lola Simon


I came into the world silent

My voice caught

between layers of uncertainty and


And so I was left saying

nothing at all

I came into the world

With Rubber Soul blasting

against the window panes

So I assumed the sound to be rain,

and I decided it would be wrong to

outshine it

I am not sure how to speak--

What words are worth more?

What words are worth more

to others?

I clench my palms

I clench my toes

I stay silent


There are cicadas

on the sidewalk  

Can you hear them?
Can you hear me too?
I can’t sleep

because there are cicadas on the sidewalk

and they won’t shut up

I dance in the dark

my movements echo their sound

I bang on the walls

they fall silent

It all falls silent

I continue to dance



There’s a man on my subway car

and he’s talking to no one

Or everyone

I have seen God and he has stared me in the eye

I know the truth of living

I have touched God and I have felt his hands on my back

I know the truth of living

I have heard God and his voice is powerful

I have heard God--

I forgot my headphones today

Norwegian Wood plays in my head


Dusk & Dawn by Maxx Carr

(Love biding adieu)


The apocalypse happened sooner than you said.
You’ve been waiting for this day
Now you can pay your bills
There’s no more economy
Now you can start anew
There’s nothing holding you back
Now you can be free from everything that hurt you
Isn’t that what you wanted?
Isn’t that why you hurt?
Please, tell me what did
I want to understand
Why you can’t put down your bitter cup?


The future was always uncertain
No matter what road we said it could happen on
The future we wanted was always out of our grasp
The perfect, steady future, too. 
The future is here.
I am a wretch.
A moribund, wretched wretch,
Letting you down
In one fell swoop.
I wish the future weren’t so uncertain
Then, I wouldn’t be so scared to leave
I’m sorry I couldn’t be steady

Sixth Grade by Meryem Bostanci

I’ve always felt misplaced like pairs of socks that don’t match, and it doesn’t matter in which scenario.
Whether it be school or at home, or even with my friends in Ontario.

At first, it was with my family in Turkey because I’m the only American-born member but I soon realized that it was because of their beliefs.

It started as the little things like on the holidays in which I wore my hijab. I was soon exposed to the blaze that most people share for my culture.

After the Brussels bombing, there was this raging anti-muslim fever.
This irrational fear caused my neighbors to walk on eggshells around me, afraid I was going to explode in front of them.

I was in sixth grade.

My class went on a field trip to a museum about the Holocaust,
and they showed a video of a Palestinian girl speaking about her neighbors.
I felt everyone’s burning gaze as if a hot iron was being pressed against my back as she cussed them out in Arabic.
I was being dehumanized
I sped into the bathroom as if I was going 85 on a 50

The only thing I had in common with this girl is that we’re both…

No one knew why I was crying.

This happened because I wore a mighty cloth that roared, “I want to kill you and your family!” but really it proclaimed, “I care for all cultures and I love the world!” on my head one day to school.

I was backed into an alleyway that I never knew existed in this city. I was afraid to express my beliefs in the city of immigrants.
I was afraid to go to school without getting attacked for other people’s actions.

I was afraid to wear the mighty cloth again because I didn’t want to feel those burning glares on my back. 

I was in sixth grade.

Red Dripping Down by Lola Simon

I bought a book of love poems today

I’ve never been one for love,

But I couldn’t help but think of you

I can still picture the curve of your nose,

And the way light reflected off your fingertips

With you everything was red

Mornings melted into nights in single heartbeats

And we lay suspended there, unmoving, unblinking,

our eyes opened wide as to not

miss a moment of living

I don’t miss you

I don’t think of you much at all

But as I flipped through the book,

I thought I saw you resting there

Folded in the pages near the spine

An Ode to the Lonely Hearts by Maxx Carr

Here’s one for the lonely hearts

The ones with no valentine

Who pine and pine after another

Without avail—here’s your time to shine

We feel with the deepest parts

Of a heart so honest and earnest

Our efforts are often felt in vain

But we keep on trying

Here’s to the lonely hearts

We who wear our hearts on our sleeve

Why are we so lonely?

Maybe we never learned how to feel

With only part of ourselves

So our hearts keep breaking

Because we pour in our whole being

Here’s to the lonely hearts

Recovering from yet another heartbreak



Unyielding to defeat

We demand to feel

We give in to feeling

But it’s better than not feeling at all

Still Remember by Persomondo


Do you still remember that first walk?
You took my hand and 
I knew right there and then I needed
nothing more.
Do you still remember our first kiss?
I went back there - to that bench
And memories of leaning over to kiss
you while you wrapped your arm
around me flooded back.
Do you still remember when I first
came over?
I remember.
Your walls are green, your pillows soft.
You had that strange painting on the wall.

Do you still have it?

I know we've drifted but
I know I loved you
And you loved me

Loving memories are forever,
are they not?
You remember love
You remember her
You remember.

Do you still remember me
The way I remember you?

A Fond Memory by Riley Barker

My feet graze the damp grass,
Soft water droplets drip,
As I run, beside myself, breathless
At the thought of you. Yearning
am I for your words whispered,
through the dawn of night, 
Those sensitive sentences spoken, 
With the same love, lofty, loud,
as my own which I murmur meaningfully
back to you, thinking only of
how much I care, how you've carved
Your name into my heart, how
against all odds, we savior oblivion.
Dearest, darling, dreaming, drunk love.
It would seem as if the great gravity 
of our attraction acts affectively,
as even with miles between you and me,
we still love, long for, and linger at the idea that we are one. Our unwavering, undying 
affection towards one another allows
for distance, cold, cruel, and criminal, in its 
conception. We love over obstructions and obstacles, around the challenges changing
us. We love through being thoroughly apart. You remain utterly ubiquitous in the corners, the crevices of my mind, mingling
with my thoughts, touching me truly. 
And I, to you, universally unmatched
by any other. Otherwise, what would we
be, but people without passion, pallid
emotionally, unable to be understood. 
We love, and that alone shines, sparkling like the stars that hang over me now: special, shimmering, sound, superb.

A Place by Sophia Sorcigli

There is a place…
Where the sunset glows a soft purple.
Where the sky radiates a clear blue.
Where the grass is always soft and filled with lady bugs that glow red.
Where the laughter of the neighborhood kids is heard every night.
Where the smell of Bebo’s cooking is so strong it forces you to indulge.
Where you sleep the most tranquil sleep in your life. 
Where at night Bebo wraps her hand around you to keep you 
away from all terrible monsters that roam your nightmares.
Where in the morning you are greeted with the noise of Papa’s bus
leaving the garage.
There you have the cherry tree that Papa planted, 
the big tall one that all the neighbors love.
There you run for miles and miles with the light butterflies
that you never can catch.
You feel a feeling that cannot be described. 
A feeling of freedom from the real world....
One day it is time for you to go.
Mama doesn’t say why,
she just picks you up and tells you 
to run.
Run past the sun, 
the cherry tree, 
the kids, 
and everything you love.
You miss it so much 
It is locked in the back of your mind, lingering
Pleading you to go back.
And when you do go back everything is different, and you want to know why?
It was them, 
the planes overhead that took control of this place.
Where the only store in town was filled with chocolates and cookies that you loved. 
Where the house with the pink roses was now the house with the wilted flowers.
Where the rain used to drip slow, 
now it is falling with pressure and anger.
Where the children’s laughter is no longer heard. 
The place you loved becomes just a memory.
You lock it back in your heart because you know there is no coming back to this place.
You make your final farewells to the laughing kids, 
the store on the corner, 
and the grass that used to be soft. 
You walk away.
A tear down your eye.
And there you are back to reality.
Lost in time.

Map of Hell by Maxx Carr

Let me tell you how it all went down

How it all ended


Will a list do?

Will it put those pesky pieces into place?

The night is here

She’s got a vendetta

Against me

No sleep will come

Insomnia Insomnia

Hear what I have done.


The Day met the Night at dusk

The Night met the Day at Dawn

They shared a kiss

Formalities as well

Discussed their plans

Mapped out a hell


Time sat in a restaurant

Drumming his fingers on the table



She was late

Night often came too late

But Day was always on time


Life was sipping a cup of bitter lemon tea

Changing with every second that Time sat there,


“You change every time I see you.”

“I don’t change—your perception of me does.

I stay the same for all eternity.”


A map of hell is an intricate



Especially when it is written in eyeliner on a bar napkin

Where do you put the street corners?


Time grew impatient

Too controlling

Too brutish

Too intent on taking





“Hush your mind, dear thief,”

Life laughed a harsh laugh

Disguised as a gentle giggle

She looked at the sun

“Tick tock,” she said,

“How long until boom?”


I toss and turn in my bed

I can’t figure out how to sleep


Sleep Sleep Sleep

Too much

Too bright



The map is almost complete


Is it Hell if there are no demons?

What if the demons aren’t real demons?

Night and Day mapped out an escape

They could be free from the clutches of time

No one cared that the sun hadn’t moved in an hour

Only that it was most beautiful


Isn’t it most beautiful right before it all goes wrong?


Life noticed the sun’s placement in the sky

“What now?” She asked him, knowing that it wouldn’t be pretty

That it wouldn’t be kind

She tried once before to run to their defense

And learned not to stay in his way

For only Death had more power than Time.


Running across the streets of New York,

Night and Day fled hand-in-hand

There were places out there that Time couldn’t reach them

Even if he tried

Mapped out on the napkin

In black eyeliner

Was a way to their safe haven.

The hell they mapped out was the one they were living in


Time arose from his chair.

He saw the sun and knew that something was amiss

He didn’t like it

Not one bit

Life took a sip of her tea and remarked, annoyed,

“The food isn’t even here yet.”


Everything began to slow down around them

Night and Day realized what was happening

He could find them faster

If everyone was stuck in Time


“Just a little farther!”

Was what she said

“Inescapable hell.”

Is what Life thought as Time left her with the check

“Take me with you if there is a next time.”


“Isn’t it quite swell?

Isn’t it quite nice?

For one to be

So nice to see

After all this Time?”


“Isn’t it really great?

Isn’t it really neat?

For Time to tell

Out of the well

Who you should be?”


The music began to play

Near Night and Day

As they ran in slow motion

Towards the storefront

The song played

As if Time hadn’t slowed

Which meant he was growing nearer.


They couldn’t go back

If he caught up

He’d make them go back

Or he’d make them go forward

He wouldn’t let them stay for now

Time was always too controlling


“Isn’t it quite swell?

Isn’t it quite nice?

For one to be

So nice to see

After all this Time?

Isn’t it really great?

Isn’t it really neat?

For Time to tell

Out of the well

Who you should be?”

For eons Time told Night and Day when to begin and end

When they could stay near each other

Told Life to stop

Told Love to stay

Let things keep going

Only Death could stop time

But now wasn’t when he would interfere.


The store was a place stuck in a time loop

You know, while all of the other stores around it got torn down

Rolled over

Rebuilt as a condo

A mall

A Chipotle

But this store,

Jimmy’s Coffee and Donuts

Still had the same lights from 1987

Had the same doors from 1979

Had the same floors from 2003

Had the same owner since 1965

Had the same regulars come and go

Had some windows boarded up

Some cracks in the paint

But it was somehow unaffected by the passing of Time

The fluorescent lights were within their grasp—


He grew nearer, smoke appearing out of his nostrils

No one could hear the stomping, they would after they unfroze—


“Isn’t it quite swell?

Isn’t it quite nice?

For one to be

So nice to see

After all this Time?

Isn’t it really great?

Isn’t it really neat?

For Time to tell

Out of the well

Who you should be?”




Time reached out both hands—

Z. but. A. but. Z. But. A. But

Night opened her eyes. It was a bright, sunny afternoon. The sun was shining down upon her—it had to have been near noon. The birds sat frozen several feet away. Her dress, something she didn’t have before, was bright, ironed, crisp, and floral. Her hair had been straightened, placed up into a bun, white gloves were on her hands, pointed shoes—

“Wakey, wakey, dear.” Night looked up. It was the same diner Time had been in with Life, but several years before. 1954 to be exact.

“There’s gonna be a bit of hell raised once I unfreeze everyone,” Time said, himself still wearing a crisp suit.

“Where is she?” Night demanded, although she couldn’t move. She had to find her.

“She’s…elsewhere.” Time beamed, as if he had done some great deed instead of staying his evil self.

“How long will you keep me here?”

“For as long as I want. Although I’d suggest dining elsewhere soon. It is 1954, after all, and well, you do look like the Night, in a way people around here may not like.”

“What? Get me out of—“ Night still couldn’t move.

“If anyone asks, your name is Petunia and you’re from upstate. See you in fifty—well, however long I take to take you back, or rather, forward.” Time kissed Night’s hand, and as much as she tried to move, she couldn’t. She couldn’t figure out what to do. Time moved away from her, walking slowly through the tableau of people frozen on the sidewalk and in the restaurant. Time appeared to grow a few grey hairs as he walked, but he wouldn’t notice until much later. Night moved, and wished to be back where she was before this whole thing began. Especially considering the number of angry people that someone of her type was patronizing the restaurant.

Time disappeared through the crowd of people.

Sublimation by Aneesa Razak


My body is a dark paradise

My body is an island that no one can find

My body is covered with volcanoes ready to explode

To wreak havoc

And Destroy

My body is always with bloom

Tropical flowers rising from the ashes

Reaching towards the sun

A distant lover in the heavens

Worshipping its golden rays

My body is destructive

A warzone

My body is beautiful

A promise land

My body is mine

A divine abode

Hiraeth by Persomondo


I miss my home
When I'm at home

You brought me pain and sorrow and disappointment beyond compare.
The heartache went away although,
For I did not think of you.
I let it go because I could,
Not because you asked me to.

I miss my home
When I'm at home

I was content at first, for I gave little thought to you.
Human nature is a woe although,
For I began to think of you.
I miss my empty thoughts,
Ones that aren't filled by you.

I miss my home
When I'm at home

I now think of you in times of loneliness and despair.
I want to spend a happy moment with you
But I know you just don't care.
More than you know,
I think of you.

I miss my home
When I'm at home

The Collision Theory by Lola Simon


Yesterday I left my body behind.

I viewed the world from the telephone wires

that criss crossed outside my window

and listened to the low hum of conversations

colliding between my thoughts.  

It’s funny how easy it is

to get caught up in futile things.

I tried to count the cracks in the ceiling over my bed

but it was hard to decide

when one crack ended and another began.

Intersections always seem to follow me;

Lines cross and tumble over each other

as if they are racing to some unknown destination

and by attempting to slice each other in two

they’ll become more significant when they finally find the finish line.

I have always wondered if telephone wires

feel meaningless compared to

the great wide horizon that presses against them;

reducing them to nothing but scribbles

against a backdrop of the infinite.

But the infinite must end eventually too

and what is the infinite

if it has nothing left to say?

Hulu 123 by Bridget Ashvil

At night in bed watching broad city
Know that I need to sleep
Cus when I get my sleep
I know I feel good
Feel good with eyes open wide
Taking it in
All the small little smiles
And the way you feel when I hug you
It's easy to forget how a good thing feels when you got it.
Like pots and pans clanking
Pesto in the air and my sister sayin' 
Baby get your head out of the clouds
You have had your fun it's time you come back down
Down to the city and the trees and the way the rain smells on the leaves
And lacing my fingers through yours
Knowing that it's not a chore to talk about cheese or how Hughe had one shoe
Change of subject please and thank you
I guess I really had to thank you
Not every day is the day for apples and pumpkin pie
I see it in my eyes when I look in the mirror
Seeing all the crazy days draw nearer and I can't seem to truly care
Not to lie though it's always there but I'll push it away and for at least seven days I can sit in my house on my couch and just listen
And just hold in my arms a few lucky charms
To cast a spell on you like your great grandma would do
A spell of adventure and no looking over shoulders
A spell of old stories about mushroom people that build swimming pools and yams that won't stay in your hands. 
Breathe now but slowly drift down from the clouds up high
Look through the dark windows back up to the sky and
Back to reality
A bumpy train
A lot of rain
4 and 5
I think that you have made it ok to try
I believe honestly that time will pass by
Even when I'm not paying attention because I'm looking up at the stars through boxes and yards of furniture
Need I go further? 
You must know what I mean at least a bit
The stories may not all be true but I have mine and it's all right and I'll take it because it feels nice to just take it and listen to death gripping your heart and squeezing it right and making it hip hop hippity hop
Don't stop
Don't look right at him
He'll know
Maybe he did maybe he don't
But at least now you both know and can honestly say that you made it
And you can breathe and count
Back to watching broad city
But you laugh a little more
And you choose to stay up all night
Hey I need to explore the city and once I do I'll make it all the way back to you and I think I will hold your hand
Maybe I will sing my songs from another land
And maybe you will sing it too because I like your voice and I like you
Go back to sleep it's ok it's all right
Don't need to check your heart I promise it's normal
It's up and it's down
And they just are
Tell hughe I have his other shoe
Let's take him out to pizza
Let him breathe after his run

These Thoughts by A.Y Pan

Thoughts wrap around my head
It drains the life from my eyes
And turns the tips of my mouth
Towards where it claims me to be,
A speck of dust,
And, “Nothing more and nothing to be.” 
I shut my tired eyes
Hoping to escape in a dream
Where I find love and hope
Where everything I longed
Is just within reach
But I wake up
To find the same gray sky
They flood into me once again
As the tears pour out of my eyes.
It hurts.
This pain in my chest
I know the way I handle this
Really isn’t the best
But for now,
Even with these thoughts,
I hide under my covers
And let my soul rest.

Morning Train by Bridget Ashvil


The tip of my nose is cold at 6:52,
When the sky looks like new
With streaks of warm chocolate and the smell of greys papaya playing a pretty song in between my scarf and button down. 
You like when I dance and sing but I do so that I can call to the fire
The smoke that fills the lungs of the young and hungry when there is no one weak left to feed on but yourself. 
Burn all the sugar so that the air smells like cotton candy from the nuts for nuts carts rolled by a little lady who likes to paint mangos and mongeese
Like the ones from when the boys called her sally sally baby and she beat them in every race
The mangos that spilled nectar as sweet as the smiles of a baby, 
Down her neck and down her arms,
Drenching her clothes and burning her skin with a fire that does not give off any smoke
She had learned how to be quiet about her dreams
Shutting her eyes for three blinks worth time
Bu bu bu
Step into the running water to wash away the fire and burns that pull and pull to
The bye bye day where you can feel the drum in your toes and dance again. 
Please don't leave me
Here it is dark and shadows like to dance like curtains in the wind
Funny hunny bunny don't you worry it's all right it's aaaallll riiiiaaaght sing sing the drums gettin louder gettin faster
Leave me be leave me to smash in the walls and throw the yellow paint I got from you all over the ceiling so that it drips down beautiful yellow tears. 
My head fills with so much noise
Mr blue sky and Deborah could not stop my crying and yelling all locked in my jaw that you have locked so that I swell with all of my distress
You brute you have no mercy on the weak and even less on the strong and most on the ones that have never know what strength is. 
7:16 now
Two stops away, oh how the time has passed me by so soon. 
Might as well be the afternoon or even better the evening where cheeks get warm and pink and I get soft kisses on my face and laughter arises from almost nothing. 
Siblings embrace and compete for time to speak and cry and sit the three of them on a bed much too small and creaky. 
A sea of red and gold and out of the lava a small bag of coffee and sweaters that is sandwiched between the eyes that all match. 
Chocolate red skies and birds
With small beady eyes. 
6:52 once again
You won't be happy unless you have got a friend
And a few colored pencils to pass the time.

A Collection of Quirks by Juliet Papadopoulos

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 7.34.36 PM.png

A man from kismet
Licks his silver spoon
And takes out the trash. 

Purple dragon lilies
Wondering, will I ever be
Like those floating bubbles?

A blue red orange sunset
Frames my eyes as I stare out
At the grass.

Golden water laps
At my feet as I wait for
The bus to stop.

A fur stole,
Limply hanging on a hook,
Wet and ready to dry.

Splendid golf balls whiz through
The air, wishing to be home
In their holes.

When one has an affinity for decadent
Travel arrangements, 
taking the ferry is a bit of a let down.

A French boy, 
unique as his name,
Doesn’t text me back.

Magenta magnolias
Meander through the moody,
Mellow mornings.

Happy Black History Month by Arielle Moore


Happy Black History Month

  1. You will want to peel your skin. Scream. Choke throats. And kick as you struggle to breath amongst a locker-room full of whiteness.

  2. There are few like us. Cling to your black sisters for dear life. Talk to them. Rant to them. Keep those conversations dear to your heart. Cherish black sisterhood.

  3. You will feel alone. You will be alone.

  4. No one will ever understand you. No one will ever understand us. No one will understand.

  5. You are angry.You have anger in you. You want to be angry. You deserve to be angry.

  6. You will suffocate as you try to hold on to your black pride. Self-hate constantly attempting to seep into your bloodstream. Jealousy nudging at your skull.

  7. You will cringe as friends and acquaintances touch your hair without asking. Your kinky, sacred curls being touched by unwanted hands.

  8. You will be angry at white friends who witness the ignorance, microaggressions, pain, and decide to sit silently.

  9. You will be angry at the white boy who said the n-word to you. You will be angry that hegets to walk free, while you carry the pain with you every day. You want to hit him. You want to hit him again.You want to hit him. You want to hit him. You want to hit him. You want to hit him. You just want to ask him why? Why did you never ask him why?

  10. You will be angry at those who’ve heard about the incident, and have done nothing. They give him hugs and share laughs with him. They will forget your pain. They will forget our pain, as they’ve always forgotten.

  11. You will be extremely disappointed in his black friends. You will be disappointed in your friends.

  12. You will be mad at yourself for not doing more.

  13. You will cringe at all-white parties. You will cringe as they play “Lipgloss” by Lil Mama for the two-hundred-and-fifty-seventh-thousandth time.

  14. You will cringe at white feminists. You will despise white feminism.

  15. You will always remember watching slavery videos in U.S. History class and looking around to see only one other black person in the room.

  16. You will be shocked at the lack of attraction for black girls from black boys.

  17. You will be saddened at the lack of attraction for dark-skinned girls.

  18. You will despise the fetishization of black boys by white girls.

  19. You will despise your own fear. You will hate yourself for not speaking up. You will hate yourself for not being brave. You will feel as though you’ve let your ancestors down.

  20. You will remember the lack of black art. You will remember the lack of black space. You will remember the lack of black breath.

  21. You will remember Black Cabaret and the Black Student Union. You will remember your performances. You will remember the black love. The lack of support from the students. The empty seats. The black cast. The black talent. You will remember your black family.

  22.  You will remember the “white saviors”. The ones who tried to tell your story. The ones who tried to steal your voice.

  23. You will remember the few black teachers. You will remember the black subs. You will remember their words. You will remember their comfort. You will remember the familiarity.

  24. You will remember the August Wilson plays, Huckleberry Finn, and Native Son. You will remember the discussions. You will remember your thoughts. You will know how you feel now.

  25. You will remember the ignorant remarks, microaggressions, problematic comments, awkward silences, awkward pauses, and the tension. You will remember the teachers who said those things.

  26. You will remember the compliments. You will wonder if they truly meant it when they said it. Did they really like your hair? Do they really find black women beautiful? Why?

  27. You will question your worth.

  28. You will remember your last Black History Month in high school. You will remember how people forgot it was Black History Month, or didn’t care. You will remember the Black Diaspora panel that you attended on the last day of February. You will remember the panelists’ advice, their confidence, their passion, their intelligence, and the tea they spilled. You will look at them and feel hopeful. You will come home content. Happy Black History Month. Happy Black History Forever. 


Sun Barricade by Stina Trollbäck


An old man

with flowering onions for cheeks

and a newspaper tongue 

covered in cyan and magenta splotches

sits on the frame of the Lincoln Center fountain.


The sun is beating down on his back,

and his triangularly wedged feet expand inside his shoes.


    The prior day’s rain is left in a puddle    

    under his swinging toes

    blinding him with the glaring sun.


He is acutely aware of his sweating back and his aching eyes,

and decides he has been surrounded by 

a sun barricade.

Wolf by Aluna Brogdon




Her skin yields to muscle

Pried over bones, lazuli and stone

the charred ribs ebbing at each breath

splintered claws, acute and keen

She moves with a fleet of darkness, and her life eclipses

in the angle of time

between hunger and the hunt


See the bank of her lips, twisted back

the veil of her teeth


burnished against the dark

set in uneven rows

--some are missing

And the whole of her mouth is tidy as a secret

She appears taut with quick revelations and promise of motion

Her mind quivers, catches on a precipice


lone wolf

Her hide is molten, thick

attune to the wind, to chant of blue flame

Her pelt is a rind, coarse with the sheen of winter

the ridges of her shoulderblades rise tawny, dark

rimmed with umber and clay

And the veracity of her movement gathers in this valley between bone

where the hair is wet and strength pools


A current hastens


Her body seems to vanish

this beast travels the length of the night

Her legs arc and knot like roots

Her neck lifts and bows, like sun

the earliest memory of light catches

the animal is smoke

A heartbeat between the flanks of trees

monstrous and beautiful



Her irises as dark as pupils

Her pupils abysmal as an afterlife

There is nothing here but the throne of the predator

Her eyes fast, black, they boil with Earth

A glint of ancient speed

The reckless refuge of a wilderness beneath skin


And the lone wolf is running

there is

Old wisdom, frothing in her blood

darkness in her wake

A coiled dawn waits to bite the night, above her

Stars settle along her course, before and behind

She passes beneath the mouth of the moon--

A forest suckles only the most

Ancient and austere bodies of light.