Aquatic Pupils by Sydnie Kupferberg

Blonde bangs tangling with
Eyelashes covering aquatic currents of curiosity
Dinosaur-printed raincoat grasping perspiration
Backpack smaller in width than a textbook

Straps sleeping on shoulders

Velcro sneakers push off pavement
Towards handlebars
Extending from wheels of wires

MTA jacket
Rust trapped in creases and corners

Jacket shifts as tight jeans and converse amble forward

Mouth of MTA wrinkles as words unravel
“Is there a model convention in town?”

Converse shuffle forward
Jean pockets fade into
Indeterminable shapes

Velcro sneakers paddle through
Path of gum leading to
Three buttons suspended
Surrounding by tinted metal
Until tattered
Saturated cloth
Accompanied by rubbery junior wheels
Grabs rigid wrists

Currents of curiosity
Dissolve into  
Drought of desir