Rad Laughing Gas Mask by Stina Trollbäck

Tie me up in your serenity.

Tie me up and let me float away

    float away to stability.


                    Away from red away from you, and I don’t know

I don’t know what you’re called

        I just know that you pump

            You pump and tie me up.

                You make my toes tingle, and I’m humming and exhaling

to the sound of

        your wings and beats and flutters

        and toxins

                is this good for me what is it doing

    I’ve had enough teeth pulled

        tie me up like I’m grounded

make me soup to drink and make it me

                            make me Certain of What you’re doing


    Tie me up in your tubes and

        tie me under your

under your


    Tie me.

I don’t care how.

        I’m floating too far.

Make my nose a skeleton; you’re too tight. I can stop breathing, can’t I?

That would be odd.

Or would you force air into my lungs or would it find its way into my open mouth?


    I don’t feel safe.

                                        I feel too safe.

I feel



    I don’t know. And that’s what’s deepest down. I’m


            I’m trying to float away

                away where you’re not there


        under buttercup tarantulas and

            blue picnic umbrella sun.