Blitz by Charlotte Force

Runaway by Charlotte Force

Runaway by Charlotte Force

Infinitesimal not-even prick-points; somehow they make up the very alchemy of attraction

Existence-deep arrow-shafts imbuing the very existence of our tenebrous thunderstorm-hearts

How in all of ecstasy are those atom bombs the stuff of sub-atomic particles

Detonating around so unpredictably

You can't know where they'll be if you know where they are

And you can't know where they are if you know where they'll be

Polar like the hyperborean tundra they leave behind

Their very nature - opposite, different in every way

Flashes like an equatorial summer-storm when charges meet

Nulls any numbness left from the glacial abandonment past

Seemingly already so long ago until they ping away again

Just like that; like the metallic twang of thunderstorm air,

Infinitesimal pricks; so tiny, they can phase through any shelter you put up

Whoopingly happy to be alive with you

But only in those insatiate moments proportionate to their size:

Orbiting around, they engage you in passionate dizziness

Through in discord, changeful, their nature will always be attractive