Propel by Stina Trollbäck

"Eyebeams" by Caitlin Russell ( )

"Eyebeams" by Caitlin Russell (

Maybe I am

Maybe I am not




We are just animals

propelled to the top


By bows and arrows


Insusceptible sons of pharaohs


Golden suits golden ties

Knocked senseless

by the size of our thighs


Rethink third drink

Lip sync eye blink

Walk now

No stop

Wait behind the crosswalk


Maybe I dig

Maybe I paint

We are urged by suspense

Unaware of simple restraint


Speak out

Double back

Light fire to barbed wire

Act fine

Punch line

Just wait for cloud nine


Moments always burst

at some point



You’re there


It’s over


But nature made the four leaf clover