Poems About Pens and Pencils - Lizzy Hibbard and Lena Mandell

Pencil by Lizzy Hibbard

Running, streaking, gliding

She encapsulates ideas

Curves and lines that stay in our memories

In our synapses and histories

She holds the world

And also nothing, the last remnants of sand

Falling away into ignorance

Twirling through thoughts and force and brilliance

Sweeping though tears and boredom


Forgotten in the end

Merely a means to an end


Doubt by Lena Mandell

It is through me that your words,

cold, despairing, melodramatic,

hit the unsullied page.

Your existential ramblings are absurd,

drawn out, your own fault.

You see, I know what I am for.

My ink stains the white page black.

I scribble, scrabble; and scratch out

I do not create; I transcribe.

I have no need for self-doubt.