As Age Wages On by Charlotte Force

"Thoughts" collage by Charlotte Force

"Thoughts" collage by Charlotte Force

As age wages one, love conducts its torrid crusade

Melts the brittle welted bonds of bones,

Melted by vernal mischance


Callow caution is a master of disguise

Brandishing bravado, sword and soul held high…

High about those that would best embrace

The puckered pink passions of flower-bud hearts.


Rapture reverberates the bonds of self-preservation

Mutes the ardent armaments of springtide

The fortifications of mercurial juvenescence smelt,

Thumping deeper than the fathomless fervor of an ember


Bewitchment breathers its sway into the roots of heart

Which ripple through frenzy and rise

Into thousandfold heart-strumming roses,

Robust, which flourish and enflame the bust and

Smolder, like a steady flame.