Mind Lines by Roseanne Torres

"Tilly Losch" by Cate Parr ( http://www.cateparr.com/work/tilly_losch )

"Tilly Losch" by Cate Parr (http://www.cateparr.com/work/tilly_losch)

jumbled pages,

scribbled out thoughts

linings of doodles of last night’s dream

endless supplies of ink

wishing writers block would exist


nightly entries

blacked out pages

fragments as long as run-ons

who was blank?


holding on to the idea

that ideas should never exist

because overthinking is

the main cause of her distress


a museum of an imagination

well guarded exhibits

opaque glass

patient critics


closed to the public


little did they know

such a book could not exist

her skull engraved with stripes

her mind the writer

and she hated those blue parallel lines