Snowglobe by Katja Stoke-Adolphe

When I’m out on a clear day,

and the sky seems to bend like a blue umbrella fading to grey out in the distance,

I feel like I’m in a snow globe, and the sky that covers me is glass.

Some might find that scary,

but to me it would be reassuring

because if I’m in a snow globe it must be held in someone’s hands.

Someone must shake the sky to make the snow go down.

And I might just be a figurine

but if that palm takes me out of that globe

I don’t disappear.

Unfortunately, even if you gift-wrap me a miracle I won’t believe it so how can I believe

something I can’t see?

But I’m not going to hide like a child from a thunder storm,

I’m not going to live cowering in the shadows

like a rat afraid I’ll burn in light.

Cause there are things I do believe in.

I  believe that even if life is just dust on the tiniest window of the universe,

when one person connects with another that is true beauty.

I believe that when one person cares for another and would sacrifice for another—

that is sacred more than any belief I could believe in.

I believe that its not a crime to trust the stars

but its also not a crime to doubt,

and even if I live life afraid

I can still go out and find something worth the heartache of uncertainty,

that you can’t just stay a burning flame forever without turning to ash

but you can leave a bright imprint on the darkness which stays eternal

because we can think and feel and remember

and those are miracles I do believe in.

Because even if life lacks inherent meaning

we can make it mean or kind

and we can dream and laugh and cry.

And I believe in following your aspirations

and not giving up because you might fail,

cause if there’s no certainty

you shouldn’t fear but strive

so if you disappear you still have lived a miracle.

But what if you can’t pursue a dream

cause you can’t even imagine wings

and you live frozen unable to fly

not cause you’re scared but imprisoned in a human cage

without a chance

a two-faced coin rigged against the player so you always lose.

And we use our beliefs to contain and destroy

We manipulate truth and trust and each other

Because we must always be superior to another,

And we discriminate, ignore suffering…

Why must we trample others and pollute our wings with blood,

Why can’t we see that a distant star isn’t worth sacrificing others

Why can’t we share the sky?

Why can’t we respect and let each other live,

Instead of contest, collaboration,

Peace instead of decimation.

Why is the world the palace of a few, and for the rest

a Colosseum.

I want to remove the blinds of prejudice

and see the light behind—

but if all I see is darkness how can I believe in humanity?

But though it’s hard to trust mankind,

I find I can believe in the individual’s humanity

If every little miracle combines in harmony

then maybe the dissonance of humanity

can calm like the sea after a storm each wave drowning injustice and poverty.

And we can bend the sky with our gravity

And our world can be our snow globe

And ours the palm

we choose snow or rain or sand

And in our hand we hold our time

an hourglass as our currency for Change

In our Snow Globe

we are both the figurine and the hand

To catch the falling world.

We patchwork the surface and seal the cracks

make the glass transparent so we can see outside our greed

And with our hands we build a field of forces colored gold

Magnitude equals infinity,

Momentum equals curiosity,

forward at maximum Velocity,

Direction of infinite possibility,

Vector limit to infinity,

And its ours to choose if we want to stay at zero

Or go negative to oblivion

Or rise an arc forever positive

Or ellipses round an endless loop

With a distance traveled but no displacement

So I may be a figurine

but I can also be a guide

And if our world were a snow globe

I would try to lead us right

to change the sign to positive.

So even if the sky’s a sham

I want  to reach it with my hand

so I will climb up that ladder to reach the glass

open the veil and see the path

And if I fall or stumble a syncopation

It won’t stop me from running towards my destination

And finding out my miracle.