You Are Not Worthy of a Poem by Teresa Sadowska

You are not worthy of a poem.

Yet I find myself here


You are not worthy of a poem.

The soft slippers of rhyme and reason,

the sweet sorrowful prose tumbles off the tongue,

while your careless clamor staggers and trips.

Clumsy ignorance and wide-eyes.

You are not worthy of a poem,

yet I have written your name so many times

it seems to be carved into this paper cage

confined behind the patient blue bars.

An eager and foolish child threw away that key.

You are not worthy of a poem

yet I am consumed by your presence.

I feel it the way you feel a thunderstorm on a summer afternoon.

The sky has dimmed and the clouds are full,

and I am waiting.

I am always waiting.

No, you are not worthy of this poem.

I don’t know why I bothered.