Phases of Fire by Charlotte Jones

blue royal
flames so minuscule
reaching and begging to stay
not to be whisked away by air
which is delicate to human hands,
but heavy
solid to the small flames
which grab to the oxygen
clasping it’s foot, while oxygen fights
to leave
but blue royal
blue royal has strapping fingers
and wraps around air
who continuously pushes away
Orange vermillion
oxygen pushes and pushes away
until suddenly blue royal
it feeds on air
and soon it isn’t reaching or grasping
it’s screaming, screaming
it has arms
which stretch and now all of a sudden
it is hugging air
breathing in and out  
Red Crimson
and now vermillion is growing and growing
until it’s a large mouth
swallowing air
as Crimson’s feet and leg
snatch air
blindly spreading it’s toes
feeling oxygen’s coldness race through
circling around the toes,
as Crimson releases
and tightens the reigns on oxygen
Red Scarlet
and soon
the spread toes and thin calves
it wants to much air
spreading it’s arms and legs and fingers and toes
until air becomes angry
and pushes away
and Scarlet get’s tired and sit’s down
and sleeps