Our Blood by Kimberly Sanford

Shared blood flows through our veins, but we are not of the same kind. We do not think the same way, act the same way, breathe the same way. We are from two different planets, you and I. You do not know the things I know, you will not feel the things I feel, you will not hurt the way I hurt. You will not be subject to the same prejudices I will, you will never know how it feels to hurt the way I hurt. 

When they grow outward, we grow inward, they yell, we whisper and are told to be quiet; our cries submerged in a sea of jokes and comical commentary. You will never experience the world the way I do, you will seldom be silenced while my muttered sounds will be disregarded. 

For you, no means no the second it leaves your mouth. 

For me, it takes an eternity. 

You and I, we are from two different planets.

I know things you will never know. 

We do not breathe, act, think the same way.

We are not of the same kind, shared blood flows through our veins. 

But that means nothing to me. And I am not sorry.

(this is one of the poems from a book I am currently writing, hopefully the full collection of stories and poems will be published by the end of the school year.)