Hey Girl by Sydnie Kupferberg

Hey Girl by Sydnie Kupferberg


Beer breath lingers between my lips

Fingers fall down my waist

“Girl”, satisfaction smirks

Don’t you know my name?

Am I just my body?

Liquid locks in my eyelashes

I’m more than a hit and run

So why am I always found run over?

“I want you” marijuana mumbles

You mean my parts?

You want vulnerable

Broken down

Never completed

You need “girl”

            Why am I so right for the part?

No labels associated

No long drives

Simple crash and burn

You’ll let me put out the fire

…I’d rather melt in it


“Whose crib is this?” sounds slur


Blunts exhale

Coors Light crinkles

On my tiles, on my sheets


Too much darkness

Too much sweat

Too many bodies


“Relax, it’s your free”

Yet I feel so constrained


Drunkenness surrounds, hands grab at me

Laughter lines the windows, leaving me in my own pool


Into sheets, underneath pillows, within himself



I am theirs’, no longer mine

Reduced, reused, and recycled

Picked out of the rusting bin for

another motion, another man


Is that what being a man means?


All my words gone

Pride scattered on the floor

Seeping into the alcohol stream


The stench of lust and joints wakes me

My home full of clinging

ping pong balls

Red plastic


My room full of embarrassment

My body

full of fingerprints


“Hey girl”, sneaks through a set of herpes

His palms pull at my chin

And I’m turned to face my worst self


Here you have me run over, here you have me hit

Here you have who I never wanted to be


Hey Boy by Sydnie Kupferberg


“I would hit that” my shoulder is nudged by a bottle

Chapped lips smirk, blunts borrow into creases

“She’s decent” Hennessy hits my back


Decent? She slowed my movement, fastened my eyes

Her lips were the light in the shadows

“Damn, she’s fine” Coors Light spills onto my jeans

“I would bag” weed flies into the cramp air


They were all looking at her “tits”, her “ass”

And I saw her lips

I needed them to upturn

Fine? The only ugliness in my view is your degradation


“You wanna bag?” his red plastic slid down her hips

And farther down...

Her flushed skin, four-dimensional eyes, became his


Her cleavage and thong exposed as she is led back

An earring missing

Blondish hair folded

Another palm lingered on her body


Until her light was gone, leaving me in darkness again


“I would hit that”

Laughter flows out with drags  

“I’d let her in”


“I’d ride her”

Who says she needs a driver?


Shine reappears for mere moments

Quickly shut off by another scuffle of filthy jeans

Dirty minds


I wanted all of her

To be mine

For the night, for the morning, for the month, for my life


Yet glass bottles and blunts were what she wanted

She craved intoxication, my sobriety an unwanted angel


She coveted what she wasn’t


Who says girls are always the ones to be hurt?


The only potion I want inside me are her words, her touch

Her breath in my ear, her luscious smile in my sight


She’s more than her body

More than I will ever be


Hey Mom


I showed all my cards

He won my hand


Scratched my surface

Scraped my pulse

I’ve been marked


Did everything you said not to

Now water’s overflowing

Alcohol’s falling from my fingers


There was one wonder, willowed in the corner

Lengthy lashes blinking behind bodies

Sea mist behind sand


I gave him up for attention

For fake love and tire marks

Would’ve treated me well


But how do I treat myself well?


Now I’m slipping,

Ledge icing over

Fingertips too numb to hold


Hit a skating rink

Where’s your hand?

Hurry, my blistering water is mixing with frost


Skates slice at my skin

Please pull me back


I’m done playing cards

I loose too easy