THE UNSPOKEN by Priska Mohunsingh

FEATURE of Priska Mohunsingh's poetry collection, the Unspoken. Priska is a senior vocal major and has been a member ofr LaG Mag for her entire LaGuardia career!

On May 26, 2015, I self-published the collection I had been working on for over two years. The collection, named the Unspoken, consists of over 50 poems along with quick sketches and a short story. Writing this collection lifted a heavy weight off my chest--as it effortlessly describes almost every encounter a teenager faces gradually. I specifically remember the night I was cleaning out my storage room and suddenly finding my old purple binder containing most of my poetry. There was a heartfelt rush of encouragement that came along with the old purple binder, urging me to move forward with this binder full of raw, unedited poetry. I decided to take slow steps in editing each of my poems by making them more detailed, rich of imagery and feelings. My one “trick” in writing poetry is simply speaking out the words by creating a scenario in my mind. I continued writing poetry on a daily basis, from weekends spent at my local library to the waiting room at the doctor’s office poetry became a part of my daily routine. I would spend evenings wondering why I chose to write poetry and who I was writing poetry for. After reading my whole collection, I realized that it was strongly directed towards young adults.

        Being a typically reserved and timid student and person, I was never able to let the people around me actually understand and decipher my thoughts and emotions. Speaking never seemed like the best option as I was too afraid I would say something that was not supposed to be said. In all, I had the tendency to overthink and keep to myself. Experiencing and knowing that the common life of a pre-teen unfortunately includes bullyragging and other forms of pessimism, I decided that I wanted my book to have a purpose of relating, understanding, and healing. These three processes are more than just words, they are part of a procedure that can help the youth only grow and recover. The sketches accompanied to almost every poem are only glimpses of how I perceived and imagined each poem. Even though the collection has been published, I do hope to release another edition with an update of another 50+ poems by the end of 2017.

       Although I am an avid poetess and spoken word artist, I have been working on an upcoming novel since the summer of 2015. For more information on my writing, visit my blog: