Riverside on 68th by Syndie Kupferberg


The pier is holding our eyes

As we hold each other

While the waves tickle our feet

The light reigns on our skin


The moon whispers what we need to hear


We are slipping into blends of blue and purple

Floating in an array of boats

Splashing away sorrow

Paddling for pastime

Hoping to slip under, slip away


You showed me the canvas of our life

Spun me in paint

Until I became covered in it


We pressed our fingerprints into ripples

Knowing it was our only permanence


I wanted the sky to serenade us

The sails to twirl us

The shiny black water to send us soaring


But you snagged the darkness

Leaving me to plummet


You showed me my obsession

A wonder lit even in dark


But now I am spinning and splashing alone

Holding a numb heartbeat

Amidst water iced over


Deserted within the scene you painted