Curtis Cove by Lola Simon

Remember when I scraped my shin on the barnacles by the bay

And cried as the blood dripped down my leg in a neat line


I thought I could never get hurt 


The first time you took me here

When I was too afraid to step into the water

You told me the waves would protect me

I did not see a protector

The ocean seemed too large to even protect itself

So why would it take the time to protect me 


But you insisted you were always right 

So I believed you  


I learned to swim in the summer

You held me in your arms

Until you didn’t

But I did not sink 

I levitated 

Higher and higher 

Until I could see the shape of your shoulders

And the top of your head


I was so far above I could reach up and grab the sun in my arms

And it would not burn me 

Because here I could not be harmed


On that beach

I was an explorer in search of new lands

Feet against stone 

Gripping tight 

I could never fall

Because I knew if I did 

I would never reach the ground

I knew I was safe

I was promised that 


Yet here I was

Watching through wet eyes

At the cut on my shin

And my blood carving paths down my leg


And it hurt