India by Nina Ward


Only 48 more minutes she said
my baby hairs sprawled out
with eagerness
my chest tickled
about to explode
we went down
but felt like going up
further and further
into the cotton candy floss
in the sky

Girls were already dancing
when we got there
their skirts created a kaleidoscope of blocked color
and wind
that finally brushed my hairs
down to my sweat
she draped me with a rainbow
of scents and colors

she scraped my face
with the brightest crimson
that blinded my naive eyes

Skin so golden in the hour
gravel tickled my heels
like angel dust
there were trees
that could never die

I was home
not in my bed
with my dog
finally feeling the safety
I had dreamt of
but in unison
the terror
I had been too scared to experiment
that it was an illusion
I would never return
to an old self
I had shedded like a snake
one who was weak
and had rebirthed
into a magical warrior
who sucked the blood
of those she felt necessary.