More Than I Deserve by Sydnie Kupferberg

                                                   “You’re gonna make some president”

Who said you could have so much faith in me?


I’ve lost friction with your fingers

Disintegrating into water’s salt

Coiling over into foam


Bring me back to light

Virginity, purity, dignity

Darkness has dove me under

Piles of lace cup-sets, wrapped rubbers


“They’re gonna remember you”

What ever made you think I was good?


Drag me into cleanse

Heal my swollen lips,

Sunken teeth,

Fractured pulse


Pour my caved heart down your drain

Capsize my judgment

Turn over my “after hours” sign


 “Whoa, watch out world”

What makes you love me?


Let my life be hated

Shamed, shunned

Flood weekend solo cups with Bud Light Lime

Overflow my mind with memories of nameless gropes

So I can drown in what I started,

Then maybe end it all


“You’re gonna make some president”

Repeat it until I believe it

Hold me until my eyelashes

Stop squishing ice water

Remind me my lips matter

More than their gloss


Pull me out of the recycle bin

Into potential

End my constant use


Make me who you think I am


I can only hate myself, as you never did,

You’re loving me more than I deserv