And at Last I Sleep by Brett Sachs

A cry. Some Tears.
Of happiness. Of pain.
A baby is born, too young, too innocent to understand what is happening in front of its eyes.
A ball. A stuffed animal.
The parents, tired, sleep only one hour every night
When the baby, at last, abandons its cries, its tears, and the house can finally rest. 
Makeup. The first love.
The baby, now a girl in high school, has changed from her petite pastel clothing into something more older. More mature. 
And the handsome boy that all the girls love, with stars in his eyes and a smile that lures, has broken the girl's heart. 
In a million pieces. Sure she would never love another.
Three beers. Too many friends.
At a bar in college, our innocent girl is different in every regard.
She studies constantly, only having time to sleep one hour every night. 
But, time stops suddenly, the world freezes, one morning in spring when she catches the gaze of a boy, different in every regard, like no one else.
She would always remember this moment.
Two children. Several mismatched pairs of tiny shoes.
Our baby, our girl, has become a mother. 
She can't sleep, but this is not anything new. 
Steps over broken toys every day. Steps over to the office every night. 
The years pass. Slowly. Then, too fast.
The children grow up and leave the house, to find the life that their mother had lost long ago. 
In the street, people consider her as a sock with one to many holes.
They avoid our woman. They throw her away. 
She only has her husband, old as well. Both of them too fragile to walk farther than the post office, where they often go to send letters to their children, who can no longer be called, "children."
Flowers. A tomb.
She, who we never knew the name. She, who was a baby, a girl, student, and mother. She, who was known by so few, but loved by all.
She is one with the earth, with the sky.
Life continues. Slowly at first. Then, too fast.
A cry. Some Tears.
Of happiness. Of pain.
And the story goes on.