Sidewalk Thoughts by Lola Simon


It is human nature to search for faces in everything around us



Someone once told me they see faces in the holes of their sweater

and in the foam on the top of their morning coffee

Sometimes I see faces in the cracks of the sidewalk


Sometimes I don’t see faces at all


Those days are better than you’d think

Because sometimes it’s better to see nothing

Sometimes seeing everything is too much

And I’d rather not be watched by the faces in the sidewalk for once

They seem to watch me back

I wonder if they care that people are constantly stepping on them

I’d get used to it after a while

I wonder if they get used to it too

It seems like one can get used to anything if they try hard enough


My cat had a black stripe on her nose that slanted slightly to the right


It is not cat nature to search for faces

Most faces look identical to cats

They have more important things to search for

Like beams of light across the living room floor

And feet under the dining room table


Sometimes I wish feelings were expressed in the bottom of my foot

That way the cats

And the faces in sidewalk could see them instead

And they never ask you

How you’re feeling