A Place by Sophia Sorcigli

There is a place…
Where the sunset glows a soft purple.
Where the sky radiates a clear blue.
Where the grass is always soft and filled with lady bugs that glow red.
Where the laughter of the neighborhood kids is heard every night.
Where the smell of Bebo’s cooking is so strong it forces you to indulge.
Where you sleep the most tranquil sleep in your life. 
Where at night Bebo wraps her hand around you to keep you 
away from all terrible monsters that roam your nightmares.
Where in the morning you are greeted with the noise of Papa’s bus
leaving the garage.
There you have the cherry tree that Papa planted, 
the big tall one that all the neighbors love.
There you run for miles and miles with the light butterflies
that you never can catch.
You feel a feeling that cannot be described. 
A feeling of freedom from the real world....
One day it is time for you to go.
Mama doesn’t say why,
she just picks you up and tells you 
to run.
Run past the sun, 
the cherry tree, 
the kids, 
and everything you love.
You miss it so much 
It is locked in the back of your mind, lingering
Pleading you to go back.
And when you do go back everything is different, and you want to know why?
It was them, 
the planes overhead that took control of this place.
Where the only store in town was filled with chocolates and cookies that you loved. 
Where the house with the pink roses was now the house with the wilted flowers.
Where the rain used to drip slow, 
now it is falling with pressure and anger.
Where the children’s laughter is no longer heard. 
The place you loved becomes just a memory.
You lock it back in your heart because you know there is no coming back to this place.
You make your final farewells to the laughing kids, 
the store on the corner, 
and the grass that used to be soft. 
You walk away.
A tear down your eye.
And there you are back to reality.
Lost in time.