A Collection of Quirks by Juliet Papadopoulos

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A man from kismet
Licks his silver spoon
And takes out the trash. 

Purple dragon lilies
Wondering, will I ever be
Like those floating bubbles?

A blue red orange sunset
Frames my eyes as I stare out
At the grass.

Golden water laps
At my feet as I wait for
The bus to stop.

A fur stole,
Limply hanging on a hook,
Wet and ready to dry.

Splendid golf balls whiz through
The air, wishing to be home
In their holes.

When one has an affinity for decadent
Travel arrangements, 
taking the ferry is a bit of a let down.

A French boy, 
unique as his name,
Doesn’t text me back.

Magenta magnolias
Meander through the moody,
Mellow mornings.