Hulu 123 by Bridget Ashvil

At night in bed watching broad city
Know that I need to sleep
Cus when I get my sleep
I know I feel good
Feel good with eyes open wide
Taking it in
All the small little smiles
And the way you feel when I hug you
It's easy to forget how a good thing feels when you got it.
Like pots and pans clanking
Pesto in the air and my sister sayin' 
Baby get your head out of the clouds
You have had your fun it's time you come back down
Down to the city and the trees and the way the rain smells on the leaves
And lacing my fingers through yours
Knowing that it's not a chore to talk about cheese or how Hughe had one shoe
Change of subject please and thank you
I guess I really had to thank you
Not every day is the day for apples and pumpkin pie
I see it in my eyes when I look in the mirror
Seeing all the crazy days draw nearer and I can't seem to truly care
Not to lie though it's always there but I'll push it away and for at least seven days I can sit in my house on my couch and just listen
And just hold in my arms a few lucky charms
To cast a spell on you like your great grandma would do
A spell of adventure and no looking over shoulders
A spell of old stories about mushroom people that build swimming pools and yams that won't stay in your hands. 
Breathe now but slowly drift down from the clouds up high
Look through the dark windows back up to the sky and
Back to reality
A bumpy train
A lot of rain
4 and 5
I think that you have made it ok to try
I believe honestly that time will pass by
Even when I'm not paying attention because I'm looking up at the stars through boxes and yards of furniture
Need I go further? 
You must know what I mean at least a bit
The stories may not all be true but I have mine and it's all right and I'll take it because it feels nice to just take it and listen to death gripping your heart and squeezing it right and making it hip hop hippity hop
Don't stop
Don't look right at him
He'll know
Maybe he did maybe he don't
But at least now you both know and can honestly say that you made it
And you can breathe and count
Back to watching broad city
But you laugh a little more
And you choose to stay up all night
Hey I need to explore the city and once I do I'll make it all the way back to you and I think I will hold your hand
Maybe I will sing my songs from another land
And maybe you will sing it too because I like your voice and I like you
Go back to sleep it's ok it's all right
Don't need to check your heart I promise it's normal
It's up and it's down
And they just are
Tell hughe I have his other shoe
Let's take him out to pizza
Let him breathe after his run