A Fond Memory by Riley Barker

My feet graze the damp grass,
Soft water droplets drip,
As I run, beside myself, breathless
At the thought of you. Yearning
am I for your words whispered,
through the dawn of night, 
Those sensitive sentences spoken, 
With the same love, lofty, loud,
as my own which I murmur meaningfully
back to you, thinking only of
how much I care, how you've carved
Your name into my heart, how
against all odds, we savior oblivion.
Dearest, darling, dreaming, drunk love.
It would seem as if the great gravity 
of our attraction acts affectively,
as even with miles between you and me,
we still love, long for, and linger at the idea that we are one. Our unwavering, undying 
affection towards one another allows
for distance, cold, cruel, and criminal, in its 
conception. We love over obstructions and obstacles, around the challenges changing
us. We love through being thoroughly apart. You remain utterly ubiquitous in the corners, the crevices of my mind, mingling
with my thoughts, touching me truly. 
And I, to you, universally unmatched
by any other. Otherwise, what would we
be, but people without passion, pallid
emotionally, unable to be understood. 
We love, and that alone shines, sparkling like the stars that hang over me now: special, shimmering, sound, superb.