Dusk & Dawn by Maxx Carr

(Love biding adieu)


The apocalypse happened sooner than you said.
You’ve been waiting for this day
Now you can pay your bills
There’s no more economy
Now you can start anew
There’s nothing holding you back
Now you can be free from everything that hurt you
Isn’t that what you wanted?
Isn’t that why you hurt?
Please, tell me what did
I want to understand
Why you can’t put down your bitter cup?


The future was always uncertain
No matter what road we said it could happen on
The future we wanted was always out of our grasp
The perfect, steady future, too. 
The future is here.
I am a wretch.
A moribund, wretched wretch,
Letting you down
In one fell swoop.
I wish the future weren’t so uncertain
Then, I wouldn’t be so scared to leave
I’m sorry I couldn’t be steady