An Old Young Woman Thinks About Time by Maxx Carr

I forget that we’re young
That everything before us we haven’t touched
That the future isn’t over for us

The news makes me forget
We all have to look so old
And so brave
To be heard by those whose time
Is ticking

My reflection makes me forget
I feel the lines on my face
But I don’t see them
I can feel the gray hair
But I don’t see it
I had to grow up before I got old
And now I see that I have time
What am I supposed to do now?

I get mad
When you act so young
But you’re not old
And neither am I 
You’ve always been better at acting your age
I’ve been better at acting at what I needed to be
Or what I thought I did
I can’t get angry
Because I had to grow up too soon

I ask about the future 
As if it’ll ease my angst
It gives me something to think about
Because I’ve over analyzed the present
But the future won’t get any easier
My hope is that it won’t get any worse

Youth wasn’t the easy part
It was the familiar part
That made the rough part a tad smoother

I’m about to 
No longer be 

And I guess I’m holding onto it for as long as I can
Because I never got to before