When You Don't Know How to Speak, Listen by Lola Simon


I came into the world silent

My voice caught

between layers of uncertainty and


And so I was left saying

nothing at all

I came into the world

With Rubber Soul blasting

against the window panes

So I assumed the sound to be rain,

and I decided it would be wrong to

outshine it

I am not sure how to speak--

What words are worth more?

What words are worth more

to others?

I clench my palms

I clench my toes

I stay silent


There are cicadas

on the sidewalk  

Can you hear them?
Can you hear me too?
I can’t sleep

because there are cicadas on the sidewalk

and they won’t shut up

I dance in the dark

my movements echo their sound

I bang on the walls

they fall silent

It all falls silent

I continue to dance



There’s a man on my subway car

and he’s talking to no one

Or everyone

I have seen God and he has stared me in the eye

I know the truth of living

I have touched God and I have felt his hands on my back

I know the truth of living

I have heard God and his voice is powerful

I have heard God--

I forgot my headphones today

Norwegian Wood plays in my head