The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze

by Sam Gallagher


Author: Galaxy Craze

Rating: 8/10

Genre: Adventure, Dystopian, Teen Fiction


The Last Princess is a fast paced novel involving Earth some time in the future after a tragic event called “The Seventeen Days.” This was a major catastrophic event where the entire world underwent a series of natural disasters, ruining the world as we know it today- technology, abundant food supplies, and other natural resources.

Sixteen year-old Eliza is the courageous, headstrong princess of post-apocalyptic England. At the beginning of the story, it is revealed that Elizabeth and the royal family are under attack from the vicious General Cornelius Hollister and his rebellion. She ventures throughout London (as well as Scotland), developing a plan to enact revenge upon Hollister after her mother’s tragic death. Elizabeth who is eager to find and kill the general, enlists in his rebellion to get closer to her target. Along the way, she encounters a hypnotizing young soldier of the rebellion, and faces health scares, and disastrous raids. Join Elizabeth on her perilous ventures as you delve into this book.

For the most part, this book was a fantastic read. Despite its corny title, it is much more mature than one would expect. It’s very different from many of the popular dystopian/teen fiction novels that have been published, such as Divergent or the Hunger Games, in that it focuses less on a love interest between two main characters and more on the challenges that someone would have to face within the world of the novel. The ending of the book is satisfying and leaves the reader wanting more; a sequel is desirable and from extensive research, one could possibly be in the making!

Edit: A sequel has now been published as of 2015, called "Invasion".