The Theory of Everything

Film: The Theory of Everything 

Director: James Marsh 

Starring: Eddie Redmayne as Stepehn Hawking

                Felicity Jones as Jane Hawking

After recently watching several movies on Netflix, I began to question myself within each genre, “have I seen a movie better than this one?” This was not a rhetorical question, as I posed it to myself seriously.

I found the “yes” to answer my question within the romance genre: The Theory of Everything, which stars the Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne and the talented actress Felicity Jones.  

The movie itself is categorized as a romance and biopic--where Eddie Redmayne portrays the young and old Stephen Hawkings. Of course, movies tend to not be as reliable when studying a certain topic (in this case, Stephen Hawking’s life). There must be some scenes in the movie that were not included in his life or the autobiography of his first wife, Jane Wilde, which the movie is based on. 

However, watching this movie required several boxes of tissues, and a supply of hearts (to replace the ones that shattered like glass pieces in every heartwarming or depressing scene). I also enjoyed the movie thanks to the acting skills of the British main actors, the on-screen chemistry, the setting, and the cinematic effects - down to everything beyond the theory of making a movie with love, dedication, and devotion.  

One of my friends, who rarely ever watches romance movies (since she prefers watching action, thrillers, and horror), mentioned to me that she was “...dying to watch this one specific movie [The Theory of Everything]”. I was fully surprised with this comment. I looked at this movie from her perspective and realized what was so attractive about the movie. It tells the story of a genius, a man who is disabled, whose only option is giving up--but he doesn’t. Stephen Hawking embraced the situation, even though it severely depressed him. He forced himself to run his own errands and stand up with his own might and hard work. 

It is a movie that touches beyond the audience’s heart - it touches the soul. Whether you enjoy romance movies or not, ANY living human being with a working heart will enjoy it and watch it over and over again.  

What is the theory of everything? What drives the theory of everything? Maybe it’s the pursuit of happiness... or maybe it’s something else that individuals can take away from this movie for themselves.