Movie Review: Aquaman by Benkei Golden


Although it took a second time for me to full realize this, Aquaman is one of the most successful outcomes of a massive creative risk in past few years. The concept of an underwater sea world is too unrealistic and probably considered to even most superhero movie directors as impossible to put in a live-action movie. But not to director james wan. It's not meant to be taken seriously, obviously, as it features a Pitbull song with a montage of its lead actors coming out of a beach as if they were in a perfume ad. But the craft is taken seriously enough for nothing in the movie to look sloppy.

The effort and care that's put into the endless minutes of shots almost completely composed of CGI is all there. In fact, it's more than most superhero movies can say for themselves. we live in an era of movies in which it's hard to impress audiences with bombastic, grand CGI effects. Every superhero movie puts in constant effort to make its CGI look as realistic as possible. these audiences crave something new, and Aquaman was the perfect answer to that.

Perhaps Aquaman was the perfect vehicle to unveil these new styles of CGi. It's truly impossible to make some of the insane and wildly ridiculous things that happen in this movie look realistic. The visual artists behind this movie had no choice but to create a look so original and fresh simply because a movie on this scale had never been created before.

Aquaman also brings a new flavor into the DC cinematic universe as well as the entire superhero genre. a colorful cast of characters and a surprisingly charismatic and funny, yet well acted lead by Jason Momoa brings back hope to the embarrassing mess that this series has gotten itself into after Justice League. despite its story being quite noticeably similar to that of black panther (which was not too original in and of itself), it never feels bogs on and on, and is always engaging to viewers. with its extremely poor marketing (google images posters and whatnot), this seemed to be another disaster for the series, but ended up becoming its most successful, for good reason too.

In conclusion, more superhero movies and more movies in general should strive to be whatever Aquaman was. An amusement park of a fresh new dazzling world of the ocean. Like a video game but also like a music video. I know that's not what a movie should be but, that's what this was. and it was almost perfect.