What's the Story, Morning Glory?

by Charlotte Force

So, what's the story morning glory?

6:26AM I feel like I need to tiptoe around in my heels. It feels like I'm the only one awake in the world.

6:27AM First sign of life spotted: a man checking emails in his car.

6:30AM Dog walker #1 spotted.

6:33AM Turned my music off because I remembered that mornings have a special sound too.

6:46AM Dog walker #2 spotted.

6:46AM The leaves by Philosophy Hall have started to light up. Some early morning photosynthesis is happening. Magic.

6:47AM The birds seem more audacious than they do during the day. They're quieter though.

6:48AM Impatient book enthusiasts are sat in front of the library, waiting for it to open.

6:52AM Sighted: an early bird that literally scored a proverbial worm

6:55AM Impatient gym enthusiasts are sat outside the gym, waiting for it to open.

6:58AM The sky through the leaves looks like twinkling stars

7:00AM Dew looks like pieces of fallen starlight.

7:11AM The facade of the library is fully illuminated.

7:12AM Spotted: the day's first sunbather, catching the mild morning light.

7:13AM Nurses, runners, and commuters abound.

7:14AM The morning coffee cart is up and at 'em.

7:15AM The middle of College Walk is a strip of light stretched over Low Library - it hadn't quite reached the steps though.

7:17AM I can hear the leaf-blowers a block away. Maybe that's just the city waking up.