A New Chapter

by Lila Meretzky

  (‘World’ in studio. in progress. 2010. ©  Susan Stockwell )

(‘World’ in studio. in progress. 2010. © Susan Stockwell)

As most of us LaGuardians are probably aware, the efforts to recycle at our school are nothing short of abysmal.  Recycling bins and trash cans have become nearly indistinguishable, both filled with a mixture of food, wrappers, and old homework.  It is easy to try and blame administrators, teachers and custodians for not speaking up and enforcing recycling.  In reality, it is the responsibility of the students to use the right receptacle for our trash.  This means we, the student body, are the only ones who can bring about change in our recycling system.

It would be unrealistic to expect a radical shift in our attitudes overnight, but that doesn’t we shouldn’t make every effort to leave LaGuardia a cleaner, greener school than the one we first arrived at.  It is the mission of this column to raise awareness about environmental issues and progress.  Global warming is one of the most pressing issues facing our generation, holding consequences for every human, plant and animal on the planet.  It is difficult to sit by and watch our student body neglect to acknowledge our duty as members of a generation that will inherit the planet to keep it clean and use our resources wisely.  

    This is a call to arms for all LaGuardians!  Let’s keep up the fight for a recycling system that is better enforced, and go beyond the walls of LaG to make our individual lives a little greener.  In this section of LagMag you’ll find tips, articles, illustrations, guidance for tactfully discussing global warming, and a host of all things climate-change related.  By following the advice in this column, reading the linked articles, submitting artwork and eco-tips, writing letters to school administrators, creating conversations about climate change at home and in your own artistic communities, we can bring about tangible change, inside and outside LaG.  One could easily sit on the couch moping about, dreading rising sea levels and growing trash piles, but as we are told, (not to be cliche), “be the change you wish to see in the world” (Ghandi).  



A hopeful senior